Written by LDS, April 2015


Get your ears around the melodic sounds of Tremble Out; an Austin, Texas based 4 piece with a passion for intelligent guitar work, shoe-gaze and the space age!  Showing some real potential we caught up with the group whilst the vinyl of their first EP was still warm…. Here’s what they had to say…..


Tremble Out are:

Keith Griffin – guitar/vocals, Joey Pinion – guitar/vocals, Steven Green – drums, Joshua Brandt – bass guitar.

[Currently unsigned]

Based On Our Situation EP, 2015
Based On Our Situation EP, 2015

Congratulations on putting out ‘Based on Our Situation’ an EP with great depth and intelligent structure which drew our attention. Is this the first recording from the band?

Joey: Based On Our Situation is our first studio recording. We recorded it with a good friend of ours Phillip Odom from Bad Wolf Recordings in Austin Texas.

How long did you spend writing and recording it?

The writing process started about a year ago, and the recording took place over the course of one month.

OK so now you have some material down what are your immediate plans and plans for the future?

In the immediate future we have plans for a live studio session, we plan on shooting a music video in the coming months, early summer US touring, and a US winter tour. More distant goals include an LP and touring the UK.

Tremble Out

Looking back to the beginning, where did you meet and how long have you boys been together for?

Joey: Steven and Keith met at a summer camp when they were like 13. They began writing and learning songs together at that time. Later in life, Steven moved from his and Keith’s home-town of West Monroe, LA to Austin TX where he got a job at a rock shop, Aaron’s Rock & Roll. I was working there and that’s how I came to know Steven. We grew extremely close and began toying with writing music together. Subsequently, we became room-mates and when we needed another person to move in, Keith moved in from Louisiana.

Keith and I began writing and went through a couple of different line up changes and wrote a bunch of songs but we had yet to really discover our sound and voice as a unit. Things fell apart for a little while and it was during this time that Keith and I finally became truly in tune with one another artistically. We had spent over a year locked up with one another writing all these songs that we were extremely excited about and realized we had done nothing with them. So we called our dear friend Phillip Odom and recorded our five track EP ‘Based On Our Situation’ (titled so because of it’s honesty of where the songs came from) and filled out our line up with Joshua on bass. Joshua and I also met at the rock shop when he moved to Austin from Amarillo TX. His band Vaudeville Cinema was on hiatus so we scooped him up as quickly as we could.

What do you currently find yourself listening to late at night?

Joey: ….DSU by Alex G

Joshua: ….I love to watch the stream of the International Space Station and listen to bands like Olafur Arnalds and Johann Johannson lately.

Keith: ….I Am King by Code Orange

Steven: ….Boyz II Men

OK well here’s a toughie for you, Desert Island Discs… what are the 5 albums that you would have to have with you in the event that you were permanently stranded on a desert island?

It would have to be:

  1. Sound Effects of Miscellaneous Nouns from the 1940’s
  2. The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
  3. Radiohead – In Rainbows
  4. Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends
  5. Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. I


The undisputed fifth member of the band
The undisputed fifth member of the band

If the band had a spirit animal what would it be?

Our cat Spaghetti, hands down.



If you could travel back in time, what would be the first year you’d dial in?

Joey: 1969 so I could watch Apollo 11 lift off.

Joshua: Right after John Herschel invented the photograph.  Consequently, artists were no longer inclined to draw people, but to draw how they felt, so I would love to witness the art around that time.

Keith: 2008 so I could be 16 again.

Steven: Yesterday, so I could remember to close out my tab at Hotel Vegas.

If you had to remain in the past where and when would you choose and why?

All: 1966 so we could join Lynyrd Skynyrd.

What are your next string of tour dates?

Our next tour dates are a limited run of the southern United States and are as follows: 

May 14thBrian St Tavern, Dallas Texas
15th – Trial Bar, Monroe Louisiana 
16th – Bennies Boom Boom Room, Hattiesburg Mississippi
17th – Baton Rouge, Lousiana
18th – Notsuoh, Houston Texas

For more details on the band’s forthcoming tour dates and movements you can follow them on Facebook and to purchase their latest EP you can currently do so via their Bandcamp site: