ELLERY – Falling for Fall ’15




 Written by Vanessa Burton, May 2015

Kym Ellery is the genius mastermind behind her eponymous label ELLERY. Originally from Perth Australia, she moved to Sydney aged 20 where she worked for RUSSH Magazine gaining the momentum and insight to launch her own fashion label in 2007, going from strength to strength ever since!


From very early on the brand has caught the attention of many high profile publications, starting when Trevor Stones, a stylist at Vogue, used a pair of ELLERY glitter pants and the label rocketed to dizzy new heights.

The Fall ’15 collection is so true to the ELLERY aesthetic; sophisticated modern reinvention. Using extraordinary high-end fabrics she has created a cutting edge layered shape that flows through the collection. The basic structure-principles revolve around the classic A-frame though playfully she adds a nonchalant fluidity. 

Kym Ellery has previously told of how she drew influence from style icons like David Bowie, who in their own right dare to challenge the norm. This collection is sleek with architectural lines, it’s over-exaggerated in its proportions but perfectly balanced within its shape.  

Here are our favourites from the ELLERY Fall ’15 Collection. Lets face it this collection is to die for!

“I felt like there was a small gap in the market for well made, fashion forward clothing. Clothing that came out of a label that created its own trends yet refreshed its image each season – as we see in many of the international design houses.”