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Van Orton Designs
Written by LDS, March 2015

Van Orton Design is the cover name of two talented twin brothers out of Italy. The pair have been slowly gaining recognition in the last few years with their digital stained glass recreation of pop culture stills. Amongst recent commissions are Rolling Stone Italia who asked for a portrait of former Guns & Roses guitarist Slash that would mimic his colourful personality.

Rolling Stone Italia - Slash
Rolling Stone Italia – Slash

Every piece produced by the team commonly transposes a bright hyperbole of colour and a fun and interesting geometry that will keep you amused indefinitely.

The Royal Tenabums - Wes Anderson Collection

Despite their relatively underground persona with little communicated about the true identity of the artists, you soon develop an understanding of their personality through their broad yet defined subject matter. The diversity would appeal to a wide audience, from classic retro themes in gaming and movie posters through to sneakers and sports illustrations.

Van Orton Design
Van Orton Design

A selection of their 80s movie posters can be seen on this video:

Check out their full works at

To purchase you can find some of their works on the following sites:


Grand Budapest Hotel
Grand Budapest Hotel