Rise of the Super Furry Animals!

Written by LDS, Feb 2015

‘Rise of the Super Furry Animals’ tells the story of the greatest psychedelic pop band of our time.

Welsh band SFA rose through the ranks on Creation Records as possible the most outlandish band of the Brit-Pop 90’s. At any point in their career they were armed on and off stage with a number of exuberant props. I once saw front-man Gruff endure a whole set at Glastonbury wearing and singing through a Power Ranger helmet, whilst at another gig in Brighton, UK they completed their encore, disappeared and then quite unexpectedly re-emerged in yeti outfits to trash the stage. Most notable though was perhaps their first big spend – an army tank equipped with a techno sound-system that was taken on tour causing all sorts of national security alerts!

Super Furry Animals - 1996 With their TANK...
Super Furry Animals – 1996 With their TANK…

Musically the Super Furry Animals blend electronic beats with psychedelic melodies to create such a deep and rich sound. Visually their artwork speaks for itself and is quite unique albeit in a Japanese pop style (we doth our cap to Pete Fowler who is behind a vast proportion of the styling).

Pete Fowler Artwork – Super Furry Animals

Rise of the Super Furry Animals is a biography written by Ric Rawlins, a music industry biographer up there with the best of them (a sample of Ric’s writing can be found here) with direct participation from each of the 5 band members.

Super Furry Animals
SFA – Left to Right: Bunf, Guto, Gruff, Daf and Cian.

The book is available via Foyles Bookshop. A HIGHLY recommended purchase….