Written by LDS / Photos by Vanessa Burton, Jan 2015

Its great to see any town support an art-form that is usually so associated with a shadier side of society. With a growing interest in STREET ART many cities are now providing space for budding artists to legally practice their craft and as a result the quality is now quite breathtaking. Through Renewal SA, South Australia’s Port Adelaide was put forward as a blank canvas, opening a number of sites including abandoned office blocks, back alleys and galleries. The result; project: Wonderwalls 2015.

Lisa King – ‘The Love Nurse’


This 3 day festival showcased some of Australia’s best underground talents though visually will alter the vibe to Port Adelaide for weeks to come.

The festival was born in Wollongong, NSW in 2011 with big input from Verb Syndicate. A video of the 2013 festival shows the works unfold. Click HERE for the official website.

Smug One

One of the finest talents for photo-realism at this festival is SMUG ONE, born in Australia now living in Glasgow, Scotland. Smug keeps it local with his Port Adelaide piece featuring a Farmers Union Iced Coffee and a fishing rod.

Rear Lane (Robe Street)
Smug One – Rear Lane (Robe Street), Port Adelaide

Sainer & Bezt – ETAM CRU

Polish graffiti artists Sainer & Bezt (Etam Cru) paint large-scale political-esque murals with heavy Eastern European undertones, not too disimilar in style to much of the cold-war propaganda art. With many pieces dotted across Europe and the US, Australia are now added to the bill.

ETAM CRU - West Wall, 293 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide
ETAM CRU – West Wall, 293 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide

Gallery for Port Adelaide Wonderwalls 2015:

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