Written by LDS, Jan 2015

The Ocean Party is a six-piece guitar pop band from Melbourne currently on the brink of something big. With the release of 4th Album ‘Soft Focus’, and back from their first US Tour, The-Vintage needed to have a chat. Recovering from his busy schedule we were lucky enough to get 20 minutes with guitarist Lachlan Denton on a long-distance phone-call between Adelaide and Melbourne to talk on the new album and matters of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Written by LDS, Jan 2015

There’s really not many things you can’t make from old timber pallets, you are only limited by the depth of your imagination and not the depth of your pockets. The timber used for pallets varies so choose the quality to suit the desired purpose. This is a new hobby that my house-mate and I have personally journeyed on when we had to replace our outdoor furniture on a shoe-string budget and we’ve had a lot of fun with it.

Pallet projects - some basic tools
Some basic tools
Written by LDS, Dec 2014

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005)

Something was missing; I struggled to truly put my finger on it until casually passing a pop-up bookshop one afternoon. I soon realised that the depth and colour so many of the recent authors I was reading attempted to create just failed to fulfil my needs. There was a recent lack of excitement, a break at the synapses, no real connection with me on a level that TRULY brought pleasure to my face with the turning of each page.